Ayurveda Tours In India

Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal system practiced in India from various centuries. The presence of medicine is dated back to Vedic period when in the mid-second millennium BC the Susruta Sahita and the Charaka Sahita, considered to be the encyclopedias of this medicinal form were compiled. Subsequently many procedures and medicines were developed for treatment of various ailments which were not possible in other medicinal systems. Ayurveda is not only about medicines but also about the activities in daily life to make ourselves healthy. Through Ayurvedic treatments various toxins are removed from the body thereby eliminating the root cause of the disease

Today when the entire world is looking towards alternative medicines for the ailments occurring out of their daily schedule, India has emerged as the hub for Ayurveda and wellness restoring its age old tradition of Ayurveda. Here you can have various short term treatments which can be followed later. The most common form of Ayurveda is various forms of messages. Apart from messages, few treatments such as beautification and detoxification ranging from one week to one month can be taken.

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