We at Art of Travel India Holidays is a well-knit team that is a perfect blend of experience and youth. We are dedicated, innovative and absolutely flexible to make sure that your itineraries are designed and executed to the best of your satisfaction.et us look at key reasons why at the very beginning you should consider our services:
Expert guidance
Our teams are well-trained for the destinations and they know how to find out the most relevant travel information based on your choice. Moreover, we are experienced in customizing the itineraries in accordance with the demand of the customers. Our knowledge and expertise about the travelling network around India mean that we can get your access to one of the most amazing travel experiences.
High satisfaction level
The tour packages of Art of Travel India Holidays are meeting strict criteria as well as standards and that is why we are being nationally accredited too. This particular matter of fact explains that we are the best in the industry and credible along with well trained. It does mean that you are in the safe hands of a reputable and trusted agency. We also understand that each and every partner will have their separate needs as well as preferences. We will be there for you for identifying and fulfilling them as well.
Meticulous planning
Our team put themselves in the shoes of the clients and plans their itinerary and schedule meticulously which is fit for their traveling requirement. Moreover, we provide a well-maintained time schedule for each and every destination. Throughout the path, we are eyes & ears of our customers and associates so that their dealing with us is always a pleasant experience.
Professional advice
More than a travel agent, we serve as an information center to our customers and associates. We take care of every single news which can be of importance to our clients and make sure that it reaches to him well in time. We take great care in designing.
Reduced turn around time
As our team has firsthand product knowledge it saves valuable hours of online research. We fully understand the importance of time and our turnaround time is considerably low
Cost savings and value added services
We believe in the philosophy of over delivery. While at no point we deviate from the inclusions of our quotation, we always try to provide value added services thereby generating higher level of satisfaction from our customers.
Unbiased recommendation
While recommending any tour package, we always put emphasis on the choice of the customers. We filter the best options for you and make only those recommendations, which will make sense for you.
Customer advocacy
While travelling, you may experience various sorts of problems. However, in case of any problem, our professional team is there for you to safeguard your interest against malpractice of any supplier. We are available 24 x 7 so that in the event of any inconvenience we can be contacted immediately without any delay.
Committed, dedicated and in-depth knowledge
In addition to all of those above-mentioned criteria, we are committed to provide quality service. Our teams work on each and every details of your tour location. Art of Travel India Holidays consists of people, who are highly dedicated and motivated. In addition, our team members have in-depth intelligence as well as attention regarding the locations to make sure that every one of our clients is 100% percent satisfied.