Are you a food lover? Are you seeking for a genuine and distinctive age old street food experience in Old Delhi? Our Old Delhi culinary tour is the right choice. To explore the culinary delight of Old Delhi you may take a one-of-a-kind culinary tour and sample regional specialties and street food that have been enjoyed since the Mughals ruled the region.

We’ll take you on our culinary tour to some of Old Delhi’s most well-known and popular eateries. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Jalebiwala: For more than a century, this famous candy store has been offering the delicious Indian treat jalebis. A must-try are the crispy, sugary jalebis.
Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala: Dahi bhalle, a delicacy comprised of lentil fritters marinated in yoghurt and topped with chutney and spices, is a speciality of the Natraj Dahi Bhalle outlet.
Haldiram: This popular restaurant chain serves a wide range of foods, but the Raj Kachori—a sizable crispy snack stuffed with potatoes, chutney, and spices—is a must-try.

Paranthe Wali Gali: In the centre of Old Delhi, there is a small street called Paranthe Wali Gali that is well known for its delectable paranthas (stuffed flatbreads). It is a well-liked eating spot for both locals and visitors, and anyone interested in Delhi’s street food culture must go there. The area is surrounded with a number of small stores and kiosks that offer an amazing selection of paranthas, each with a different filling and flavour. There is something for everyone here, from traditional fillings like aloo (potato) and paneer (cottage cheese) to more adventurous options like keema (minced meat) and rabri (sweetened condensed milk).

Shakanji Wala: The summertime beverage shikanji, which is created with lemon juice, sugar, and spices, is what this street seller specializes in selling.

Shyam Sweet House: Here you will get to taste Nagori Halwa, a semolina-based sweet and savoury dish served with fried flat bread

Kuremal Kulfi Wale : A visit to Kuremal Kulfi Wale will undoubtedly be the highlight of a cuisine tour in Old Delhi. A broad range of kulfi flavours, including mango, rose, saffron, pistachio, paan, and others, are available at the company. They also provide unusual combinations such stuffed kulfis, which are kulfis that have been filled with fruit, nuts, or other ingredients.

Kareem’s is the highlights of the Old Delhi cuisine tour and is the most referred eatery of Old Delhi across the globe. The restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere, busy atmosphere, and alluring aromas provide for an outstanding dining experience. Each meal is brimming with flavour and expertly cooked, whether you choose to taste the juicy chicken tikka, the melt-in-your-mouth seekh kebabs, or the fragrant mutton biryani. It is Old Delhi’s iconic well known for serving delectable Mughlai dishes. Any food fan exploring the city’s extensive culinary history must go there. Since the restaurant opened more than a century ago, it has been known for its distinctive cuisine, and its reputation has only gotten better with time. Kareem’s is famous for its mouthwatering kebabs, juicy biryanis, and hearty curries.

Our tour also includes a stop at Khari Baoli, a renowned spice bazaar in Old Delhi, in addition to these gastronomic stops. Saffron, cardamom, and cumin are just a few of the spices you may see and buy here.

Our tour guide, who is skilled and informed, will lead you through the busy streets of Old Delhi while providing you with information about the history and culture of the region in addition to the food. Our Old Delhi food tour is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you with memorable memories, whether you are an experienced foodie or simply searching for a unique culinary experience. Book your trip right away!