Just like smells from the omnipresent flower chaplets, finding exact words for describing India is impossible. Instead of a country, very often it has been described as a continent stretching from the fabulously striking desert landscapes and tales of romance from Rajasthan to the tropical greenery and Back Waters of Kerala. Extensive borders of India encircle an unparalleled range of landscapes, people and cultures. If you are going to visit India, you will encounter spectacular temples with multiple forms of rituals and onion-domed mosques created centuries before Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal. However, India allows each of her travelers to taste different aspects of her extravagant, eclectic and elegant personality. Even after being the finest and highly experienced Travel agent & Tour operator in India, we cannot really elaborate the feeling of elations, which you are going to experience in India. The thrill is completely yours to experience.

Already it is mentioned that describing India in words is unimaginable, though lots of travelers call her the “Goddess of Diversity”. India is an unimaginable kaleidoscope combining a plethora of cultures, hundreds of languages & a vast geographical terrain ranging from the highest peaks to the deepest oceans.

Apart from Taj Mahal, the most talked about structure, which is always at the top of the agenda of any visitor coming to India there is much more to offer. Be it the tribes of Orissa & Chhattisgarh, a vast coastline, majestic forts & palaces, adventure activities, backwaters of Kerala, water sports or an extremely rich wildlife India has everything to offer which a tourist can think of for his dream vacation.

At Art Of Travel India Holidays – The finest tour operator of India, we always strive to provide nothing less than the best in respective categories to all our esteemed associates. Our services are so cost effective and professionally designed that just by the initial interaction you will realize why we feel proud in calling ourselves as “Art of Travel”.

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